First Service Week 2020

First Service Week 2020


Our bodies are apart but our hearts are together! A week ago we celebrated our first Service Week, in this extraordinary context of mandatory isolation. All of our activities at school had to be rethought and retooled, and our students and teachers all had to come up with ways to continue working. Some things we had to change, and others we had to postpone.

During it all we knew we wanted to keep helping a lot of different institutions that regularly count on our support and assistance. All our school pulled together then to come up with creative ideas to connect with them, with our community and with our own selves. We filmed videos, designed flyers and attended virtual meetings with different year groups; we involved our students, our staff and our families in raising awareness and donations to those in need.

Together we managed to collect over two hundred thousand pesos! The money raised went directly to buy food and supplies, and also internet connectivity packages for 8 institutions.

Our students were proud to have been an essential part of this process, making it their own, and achieving excellent results with teamwork and motivation.

We are proud of them, and proud of our community!

Thank you!

Link to Service Week Communication
Link to the foundations and their donation links (download to enlarge)
Link to Letter of Gratitude from the Instituto Parroquial San Pedro Claver

Campaña Solidaria


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