NORTHLANDS is a coeducational, bilingual IB World School that, through caring and innovative teaching, educates young people to the full extent of their individual potential. It is a school that values its Anglo-Argentine roots, while respecting all cultures, religions and nationalities. It offers an all-encompassing, warm, cordial and friendly environment which is reflected in its motto: Friendship and Service. Graduates are individuals whose integrity and moral values lead them to choose freely what is right.


As we proudly celebrate our first 100 years, our vision at NORTHLANDS is that we approach teaching, learning and living in the spirit of the International Baccalaureate, encouraging our students to achieve their personal best by uncovering their talents and preparing them to become engaged global citizens, continuing to truly live up to our School motto.

We aim to strengthen our position as a leader in education and innovation by achieving outstanding international examination results, obtaining international accreditation, focusing on state-of-the-art technology, expanding our Education for Sustainable Development Projects, instilling a culture of healthy lifestyle choices, developing our campuses to meet the needs of our highly demanding programmes, and continuing to develop a closely knit community influenced by the diversity of our families.


NORTHLANDS’ objectives are that its students should:

  1. Have an intrinsic sense of pride and belonging to their school, which lasts throughout their lives and across generations.

  2. Receive a bilingual education of high academic standards.
  3. Develop advanced methodology studies in Languages, Sciences, Technology and the Arts.
  4. Be qualified, on graduating, to enter prestigious national and international universities.
  5. Practice individual and team sports with a spirit of fair play and healthy competition.
  6. Value perseverance and responsibility in individual and team work as a means to achieve their goals.
  7. Develop an individual moral sense based on universal ethical principles.
  8. Develop a desire to participate in community, civic and social service.
  9. Be cooperative, open-minded and respectful of others, in keeping with the School motto of “Friendship and Service”.
  10. Develop their identity, initiative, independent judgment, common sense and a reflective attitude.
  11. Honour their country as a result of thorough knowledge, understanding and appreciation of its history and culture.
  12. Develop an awareness and appreciation of different nationalities, cultures, beliefs and values.
  13. Acquire habits and make choices that will contribute to their physical, emotional and social well-being.
  14. Develop lively, enquiring minds so that through investigation they enhance the possibility of questioning the world around them and arguing rationally for their positions.
  15. Receive an education that enables them to face and find answers to the new and unexpected.
  16. Acquire the understanding, knowledge and skills that will enable them to contribute to a more sustainable and peaceful world. 


The aim of our mission “to educate young people whose moral values lead them to choose freely what is right”, NORTHLANDS develops its education and character development platform interconnecting it with the School’s Personal and Social Education axes, with the values which sustain our culture, the IB learner profile (International Baccalaureate) and the expansion of the habits of mind.