Innovation, tradition and evolution are three words that define the spirit of the new Design & Technology programme (D&T). Design represents the opportunity of acquiring knowledge, understanding and problem-solving skills that are crucial for the transformation of our society. Technology is the definition of our digital-real world where activities such as learning are constantly changed. 


Our objective is to build a culture of innovation through the implementation of different techno-educational programmes for the entire community. In order to achieve that, after successfully implementing D-Learning 1:1 programme, we created a master plan that is being carried out nowadays throughout the entire school: 

  • A well balanced standard based curriculum combining skills, concepts and practices
  • Courses guided by IT Concepts like “Smart Cities”, “Smart Spaces” or “Augmented Storytelling”
  • Intensive use of computational resources such as coding, robotics, IA, and more.
  • Active learning spaces: hybrid classrooms, makerspaces, radio production and more. 
  • An all-school Tech Referents Programme: seeks to empower “techies” teachers and students to collaborate with the whole community. 
  • A new IB course, called ITGS, that thinks about the technologies of information within a globalised world.   

“…so the model that says learn while you’re at school, while you’re young, the skills that you will apply during your lifetime is no longer tenable. Those skills will be obsolete by the time you get into the workplace and need them, except for one skill: the skill of being able to learn. It is the skill of being able to make the right response to situations that are outside the scope of what you were taught in school.”

Child Power: Keys to the New Learning of the Digital Century., Papert, 1998)

Design & Technology programme (D&T)

• 2021

Visibility and immersion of/in the culture of innovation

Benefits for students:

  • One vision, one programme
  • New open meaningful spaces (Makerspaces)
  • New D&T courses for Secondary
  • New IB course (ITGS)

• 2022

Naturalisation of the culture of innovation

Benefits for students:

  • More stakeholders
  • New courses for Primary and Kinder
  • Engage community in local tournaments
  • Expanded learning spaces

• 2023

Empowerment of the culture of innovation

Benefits for students:

  • A full continuous skill-based curriculum from Kinder to Y12
  • State of the art practices