At Northlands, the holistic development of our children is a top priority. In our ongoing commitment to the psychophysical, social, and spiritual well-being of every student, we have created a framework for our Personal and Social Development Program (PSE), which will guide our path in the pursuit of wellbeing and the development of each child’s maximum potential.

We want Northlands to be a place where students experience an enriching and supportive environment that helps them develop self-esteem, overcome adversity, and thus discover and consolidate their life project.

Using the image of the compass as a symbol of one’s personal search, we intend for it to help and guide our students to reflect on who they are, how they want to connect with others, what they want to achieve and how, and what drives them in their existence. The commitment ties the four cardinal points together, where we will seek for our children to actively engage in their learning, relationships and activities, connecting mind, body, spirit and heart.

Being Transcendent

is the first dimension, where we will work for our children to explore their identity and personal purpose, discovering their passions, interests, and values.

Being with oneself

will focus on self-awareness and self-care, promoting healthy skills and habits, and encouraging treating oneself with kindness and care.

Being with others in community

aims for the children to value diversity, promote empathy, build healthy relationships, and contribute to the wellbeing of the community by being sensitive to the needs of others

Being in action

where we will develop skills and strategies to plan, lead and execute projects that contribute to fulfilling personal life projects, as well as the implementation of innovative and service projects that positively impact the construction of a more equitable and just world.