NORTHLANDS prepares our students to become global citizens. We not only value our own cultural identity, we also appreciate the richness of diversity and promote international mindedness in an ever more global world. This understanding and intercultural respect and our appreciation of our differences and commonalities, inspire us to share responsibility and to contribute towards a better, more sustainable and peaceful world. Currently 12% of our Olivos families are international, representing 18 different nationalities and 19% in Nordelta, representing 28 different nationalities.

Also, our school community has a total number of 19 international staff members, all contributing to a learning environment with their international background and experience.

Once a year, we celebrate our school´s international diversity, with an event that focuses on sharing experiences and traditions from our community´s diverse nationalities. On this day, everyone gets to learn about the different food, music, clothing, dance, etc. that make each of these cultures so unique.

The transformative power of an international education

By Headmaster, James Coulson.

Many modern, fee-paying schools around the world call themselves ‘international’, sometimes in a sincere way and sometimes as a marketing tool. For some, seeing the term ‘international’ next to the school’s name acts as a powerful letterhead to be placed along ‘IB World School’ or ‘CIS Accredited’. But how often do we stop and ask ourselves what the term international actually means? read more …


Our Peer Friend Programme was designed to accompany children coming from other Schools or from abroad when they join our School. The purpose of the programme is to associate new pupils and their families with the NORTHLANDS community so that they can start the new School year with confidence and to make their social integration a smooth process. The students chosen will be promoting the School motto Friendship and Service.


Our Special Spanish offers the teaching of Spanish language according to the needs of each student if they have not had previous instruction or schooling in this language. Emphasis is placed on the child’s ability to communicate and self- confidence. In order to integrate them socially with their classmates, support is provided within the classroom, and whenever necessary, individually or in small groups in a different setting.

Our International Staff


NORTHLANDS School actively seeks for innovative, passionate and dedicated members of staff.

NORTHLANDS School needs to count on open-minded, versatile, flexible teachers, capable of having a global view of the organization, and of becoming guides for our students, so that the latter may eventually graduate with the necessary tools to become agents of change.

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The academic year starts in February (approximately on 15-20 February).

WINTER HOLIDAYS: three weeks in July.

SPRING BREAK: one week in September, around 21 September.

END OF ACADEMIC YEAR: approximately 15 December for Kinder and Primary.

Around end of November for Secondary.

Secondary exams end before Christmas.