Values and life habits

At NORTHLANDS we offer students the opportunity to participate in many different competitive sports as part of our official curriculum during their whole school life.  Sports help strengthen moral values that will guide our children for the rest of their lives. Team sports enhance group work and strengthen commitment; RUGBY develops the values of respect and diversity; HOCKEY is based on the ideas of fair play and camaraderie; SOFTBALL adds a new perspective on patience and endurance and VOLLEY contributes to strategic thinking. Individual sports like CROSS COUNTRY help with the incorporation of perseverance and endurance; SWIMMING focuses on self discipline; and ATHLETICS works on self-improvement and fearlessness.  

At NORTHLANDS we encourage practicing sports and physical education as part of the daily learning routine of our students. We seek to connect their minds and bodies closely so that they can be prepared to overcome challenges both individually and as a group.  

Sports comprehend a fundamental and everyday part of NORTHLANDS’ educational programme. We trust in discovering, training and enhancing the skills and capabilities of every student as well as promoting teamwork and healthy competition in a friendly spirit.

Sports Tours

From Y5 onwards, students can join the sports tours that are organised by the School. This programme works with and is committed in reinforcing and expanding our mission of forming cultured, respectful and open minded citizens with the opportunity to travel meanwhile learning about other cultures. 

  • Y5: Rosario
  • Y6: Mar del Plata
  • Y7: Uruguay
  • Y8: Tandil 
  • Y9: Exchange trip with Craighouse School to Santiago de Chile. 
  • Y10 & Y11: Tour to countries such as: Europe, South Africa, New Zealand or Australia with a mix of sleeping arrangements such as: homestays, boarding schools, sports hostels and hotels.

Camping Programme

NORTHLANDS offers the opportunity to experience a sports-oriented camping trip every year to encourage sportsmanship. The camping programme is organised by the P.E. team for all Primary students. In Y1 our children can start their camping journey with a one day trip as their first experience away from home. From Y2 onwards, the campings take place every year all around Argentina in: Escobar, La Plata, Mar Azul, Villa Gesell, Tandil, Sierra de los Padres and Ascochinga. 

Northlands Plus

To complement our curricular sports, we invite all our NORTHLANDS students to continue practicing and practicing sports after school hours. Since Primary, our pupils have the opportunity to extend their school day until 17.30 hours to play football, hockey, rugby, tennis or have swimming lessons or gymnastics. In Secondary School softball and volleyball also become an option. More info +


We currently have a great variety and amount of courts that comply with the appropriate regulatory measures in order to be used at a competitive level.

  • 2 semi-Olympic heated indoor swimming pools (25m long).
  • 2 indoor gymnasiums which are used for a variety of sports as they have many types of courts inside them.  
  • 1 athletics track with 8 running lanes.
  • 2 rugby courts. 
  • 1 synthetic sand hockey court, 2 synthetic sand courts for 5 vs. 5 and 2 grass courts.
  • 6 indoor volleyball courts and 5 outdoor volleyball courts. 
  • 1 grass softball court. 
  • tennis court.