Northlands will provide an antigen test kit (COVID-19) to all Primary and Secondary students.

The test can be done at home by the students themselves – or their parents according to age – as it is simple to follow and easy to manipulate.



1 Cassette
2 Q-tip
3 Dripper
4 Test tube

5 Bio safety bag (place all used materiales, close properly and dispose in trash)

6 Instructions

Instructions of use for the Antigen Test

Q & A

On Wednesday 15th until Friday 17th of September, an antigen Test will be given to every Primary and Secondary student in a closed envelope. In case your children do not come to school in the next three days, you will be able to pick up their kit from the School Security office during Spring Break from 8 am to 17 pm.

A kit can be used once and it is only valid for testing one person. Wash your hands and then remove the entire contents of the box to avoid skipping steps and making mistakes. Push down the dotted holes in the box and use the hole to support the plastic test tube. Place the Q-tip inside one nostril (2.5 cm) and rotate it at least five times making circular movements. Repeat this procedure with the other nostril. Insert the Q-tip into the test tube and rotate it against the inside of the tube at least 10 times. Squeeze the test tube against the Q-tip several times to leave as much sample as possible in the solution. Cover the tube with the dripper and place the cassette device on a clean, flat surface. Add 4 drops of processed sample extract into the hole of the cassette and wait for the result.

Carefully put all used materials (cassette, Q-tip, test tube and dripper) into the biosafety bag, close it, place it inside the test box and finally throw it away in the garbage. 

The test has to be used on Sunday 26/09 from 17hs to 20hs so that all Primary and Secondary students are tested before returning to school after the holidays.  

Results appear after 15 to 20 minutes. Results after 20 minutes are considered invalid. 

No. The test cannot be used before Sunday 26th of September from 17 pm to 20 pm. 

In this case, the family doctor should be consulted. 

Immediately notify the School filling out the form and begin the appropriate 14-day isolation.  

There are three types of results: POSITIVE (two dashes on the C and T in any colour), NEGATIVE (one dash on the C), and INVALID (one dash on the T).

No, the tests are only for NORTHLANDS students and Staff.  

No, the tests do not have to be paid for as they are covered by NORTHLANDS. 

Form for results