An Inspiring Northlands Experience: Our Student From Belgium, Oliver

An Inspiring Northlands Experience: Our Student From Belgium, Oliver

Olivos – 2020

In the words of his parents: “Oliver is 11 years old, he is Belgian-Argentine and lives in Belgium. We had an idea: an educational experience in Argentina for one semester, before his transition to high school. During his stay in Argentina, he would live with his extended family. The aim: expand his mind! When we proposed the idea to Oliver, he immediately liked it, and it was thanks to his persistence that we set the plan in motion. He arrived at Buenos Aires 9 February, with  classes starting 19 February.

Oliver was very well-received by the school, the families, and the Year 6 students. The Peer Families were fantastic. We received all the necessary support from parents, helping even in the purchasing of uniforms and school supplies. Oliver was supported excellently well and with a lot of professionalism during home-schooling thanks to the Heads and teachers: Adriana, Crix, Lu, Sarah, Tati, Paula, profes de PE, seños de música, arte… everyone! We are very happy with our choice of Northlands. The experience was positive despite (thanks to?) the unexpected occurrence, because Oliver exceeded the goals set for his personal and academic growth. Even though his trip was cut short and different than what was expected due to the pandemic, it was more intense and still brought the expected learnings, just in a different manner. Oliver is excited to keep in contact with his classmates, and return during high school. We would like to repeat the experience with his siblings, Julie and Felix.

We will be eternally grateful for the warmth that Oliver received, and for how quickly the Year 6 families opened their arms to him. We find it great that Oli met some students before the first day of class, so the start of school would be easier… and it was! Due to COVID-19, those invitations doubled in value, because it meant in hindsight that the kids got additional time to cement friendships before isolation began. Who would’ve known? As parents during self-isolation, we realised the difficulty of educating our children, and the importance of trusting professionals with that task. Because of this, a major recognition to the academic staff!”

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