At Northlands, students start developing the IB Programme at a very early age. In Kinder, they start off with the PYP, (Primary Years Programme) a trasndiciplinary programme designed to support the development of Key cognitive and social affective abilities.    

Early life is an important stage of brain development. During this period, the brain is most vulnerable to experience and relationships, because children have experienced rapid growth in physical, cognitive, social and emotional fields.

The quality of these experiences and relationships directly affects the structure of the developing brain. Therefore, it is essential that the Primary Stage Plan (PYP) community view early learning itself as a critical stage of development.

Within this mindset, we have important news for 2024. It is with great enthusiasm that we would like to announce our extended day, optional,  proposal for our K3s and K4s next year.

The proposal aims to provide more opportunities for our pupils to socialise, express themselves through the arts, play, develop their motor skills and have experiences in contact with nature, all with a sustainable approach. They will have experiences that will help them expand their curiosity, enhance their communication skills and their development of thinking skills, in a bilingual context.

This will give children the possibility of remaining in the Kindergarten every day from 8:10 am to 4:00 pm.

We have put together a scheme of:
K3: 2, 3 or 5 days
K4: 4 or 5 days

Children whose families opt for this proposal will have lunch in the Kindergarten, have some recreation and rest time, and then do the planned activities in the afternoon. They will not, however, have the possibility of joining the Northlands+ activities taking place at midday, on the days they stay the whole day.