Fun dance routines can be great for creating an environment of free expression where children can navigate the movement of their own body while singing contemporary or musical theatre songs.


Students find themselves intellectually stimulated because they can improve their concentration abilities, their probabilistic-mathematical skills and the capacity to organize their ideas.


Students choose an instrument: electric guitar, drums, bass guitar, singing or piano. While exploring their music interests and enjoying improvisation with friends, the band also performs at school events.


Students have the possibility of drawing their own adventures, work on graphic tools such as framing, elaborate characters and encourage the production of texts, scripts and story-boards.


Singing, acting and dancing combine together for students to enjoy. A different play is chosen every year, they rehearse, and later they perform the show on our stage.


FOR BEGINNERS AND ADVANCED.  Taekwondo practice is an excellent environment where students can develop knowledge about their own body and discover new skills that can strengthen their self- esteem.

NORTHLANDS PLUS is a space where students can develop, learn and explore new interests while expanding their social circle after school hours. Being part of a group or a team can provide a sense of belonging and at Northlands, we can offer a variety of fun activities.

These type of activities are a great opportunity for children to interact with others who have similar interests and also, for potentially building friendships outside of their usual circle. 

For more information, contact ActivitiesOlivos@northlands.edu.ar


Students develop relevant objectives such as corporal-postural education, movement education and they expand their creativity and expression skills.


A didactic and creative workshop where students learn to express their ideas through part-building techniques. Clay handling helps with psychomotor skills because they model and paint.


Dance drives students to develop healthy bodies and creative minds with a specific approach towards ludic time, the use of space and the recognition of one’s own body.


Children from all ages participate equally doing exercises according to their age and motor skills. The aim is to increase self-esteem and confidence, more group integration, and for them to enjoy the game. 


Led by the teachers, our students enjoy an activity in the aquatic environment, acquiring motor experiences, specific swimming techniques while interacting with peers enhancing their social integration skills.


Evolutive Tennis uses materials like: mini racquets, mini nets and soft balls that adapt to different growth phases. We motivate them to learn tennis basics and to practice outside school.


Recreation of the Jewish Tradition by experiencing it in a creative and dynamic way. They play, sing and listen to stories about the values of tradition, biblical stories, religious festivals and history. 


Students walk together the path of Faith with the guidance of their catechists. Children are accompanied during the initial stages of Catholicism and can receive the Sacraments if they desire. 


Hockey practice favors students to consolidate values like respect, teamwork and solidarity. They play and share moments with their classmates in an environment other than the classroom.


Students perform all types of music such as classical, contemporanean and national music. They can travel to the annual trip to Mar del Plata and La Cumbre where other school choirs perform too.