One of the most important decisions that parents have to make during their children’s lives is to choose the proper education for them.  A school  is a long term alliance that will guide each student to fulfill his/her potential within the framework of the values pursued by that institution.

NORTHLANDS is a bilingual, co-educational school with British roots, which aims to enhance the abilities of its pupils to the fullest, in a warm and caring environment. We offer children in the Argentine and international community an education based on the development of skills, concepts, attitudes and values. It is a non-denominational school, where diverse cultures, religions and ethnicities interact and where diversity, respect, empathy and open-mindedness are core.

Through our admissions process, we aim to achieve diversity in the classroom by establishing heterogeneous groups that facilitate and enrich learning. We also rotate the composition of each division over the years to help students to become more open minded and develop their integration and teamwork skills, which are essential not only within the school but also in their future personal and professional development.


Address: Av. De Los Colegios 680, Nordelta (B1670NNN)
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Phone: (54 11) 4871-2668 / 69 Fax: (54 11) 4871-2667


Address: Roma 1248, Olivos (B1636CYT)
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Phone: (54 11) 4711-8400 Fax: (54 11) 4711-8401


Ana Orlando
Admissions Officer – Nordelta
Viviana Canessa
Admissions Officer – Olivos