Year 12 Science: Group 4 Project

Year 12 Science: Group 4 Project

Olivos & Nordelta Secondary – October 2020

The Group 4 Project is a collaborative and multidisciplinary activity that encourages IB students in Science to consider the environmental, social, and ethical questions of science.

Like every year, we chose a theme that would be shared among students of both sites and within all areas of Science classes, with various topics within this theme.

Because we are convinced that space exploration is present and future, this year the theme was “Eye in the Sky”.

“Exploring is in our nature. We began as nomads, and we are still travellers. We have remained too long in the shores of the cosmic ocean. We are finally ready to set sail to the stars.” – Carl Sagan, Cosmos

Starting with a presentation hosted by Dr. Clara O´Farrell (Old Northlander), we travelled across various perspectives of space travel. The students took on creative ways of exploring and presenting the themes, and we would like to share their hard work with you. Enjoy!

Elizabeth D. Klatt, Head of Science

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