Outstanding Cambridge-ESSARP Learner Awards 2019

Outstanding Cambridge-ESSARP Learner Awards 2019

Olivos & Nordelta – July 2020

We would like to massively congratulate our Northlanders Tomas W., Martina N., Sophia K., and Iago C., who excelled in their Cambridge IGCSEs, achieving High Achievement Award for Spanish IGCSE; Highest Score in Argentina for Combined Sciences, History, Literature, and French IGCSEs, and the Overall Best across seven subjects in ICE. We are extremely proud of these immense accomplishments.

They were awarded the Outstanding Cambridge-ESSARP Learner Awards in Argentina for the June and November 2019 Cambridge International examination series.

Recognition of this award is given in different categories: High Achievement, Top in Argentina, Best ICE Diploma, Best AICE Diploma and Top in the World.

The formal ceremony will take place in June 2021. However, ESSARP will produce a video with the names and pictures of the award winners and will post it on ESSARP’s webpage so that we can share the news with our community.

Congratulations Tomás, Martina, Sophia, and Iago!