Motivational Talk with Professional Athletes

Motivational Talk with Professional Athletes

Olivos & Nordelta – October 2020

Our Y5 & Y6 Olivos and Nordelta students shared a deeply motivating talk with Lucas Martínez (Leon), and Jimena Cedrés (Leona and future nutritionist) this past Thursday 8 October, where there were 120 attendants!

Lucas and Jimena not only talked about their everyday life, their healthy habits, and their experience living abroad, but also discussed what it takes to become an elite athlete. Moreover, they stressed the importance of always trying hard , despite frustrations when things do not turn out as expected. Lucas recommended that they should always focus on their own progress, look into their own areas to improve, rather than blaming others for anything that may go wrong in their lives.

Our students made excellent questions which enriched the talk for us all!

Thank you Lucas and Jimena for a very motivating opportunity for Northlands students!

Charla con Leones