A Look Into Our Anglo Week

A Look Into Our Anglo Week

Institutional – July 2020

Take a peek into some of the work, activities, and teachings the students took part in during Anglo Week! Each day had a different topic through which the students explored British legacy. They had workshops, creative projects, dance breaks, and, most importantly, a lot was learned. The week was a great success and we are very happy to show you some of what was done. Enjoy!

A massive thank you to our narrators for our daily topic videos, from parents to students to Old Northlanders, for all their help and commitment: Sol B., Jacqueline Archer de Pierantoni, Emma Clifton de Padilla, Elise P. C., Nico Bardessono (Old Northlander), Julia P., Millie C., Elodie C., Sam Burgoyne, Santos B., Emma A., Tessa A., Lilian P., Binta S., and Geoffrey Arias.

Anglo Week Assembly

Tuesday's Topic: MUSIC

Wednesday's Topic: ARTS & LIT

Thursday's Topic: SCIENTISTS

Friday's Topic: Historical Events

British Icons

British Sports

PE Scottish Dancing

Drama Monologues

Arts & Lit: María Elena Walsh

Music: Y1 Teachers' rendition of 'Yellow Submarine' by The Beatles

Anglo Expedition by Year 6

On our Shared PE Zoom with Colegio San Andrés