Action and Attitudes

As an IB World School, action and attitudes are parts of the five essential elements of our PYP curriculum. At the heart of the NORTHLANDS mission statement is our desire to prepare our students to contribute positively to the world we live in. To achieve this at the beginning of March we began an additional way of collecting house points in Olivos Primary School.

Each month we choose one of the twelve attitudes identified by the IB. Together the PYP and PSE coordinators deliver a monthly assembly to students explaining the attitude and discussing ways we can put it into action and demonstrate it in our daily life. Our students design a logo to be printed as “Attitude Houses Points” tokens. The adults within the school (teachers, support staff, maintenance and cleaning staff) are given the tokens to give out to students at anytime they see a student demonstrating the attitude. Throughout the month, we continue to reinforce the attitude in our classwork and during the daily flag ceremonies.

The PYP ATTITUDES we worked on this year are: Respect (March), Empathy (April), Integrity (May), Commitment (June), Appreciation (July), Tolerance, Confidence, Independence, Cooperation, Curiosity, Enthusiasm and Creativity.